Each sold beat includes:

-A 16-bit WAV file of the instrumental remix heard with the same structure, length and mix
-The pattern(s)/loop(s) broken down into multitracks of each instrument used in 32-bit Wav files. Tracks of the entire song by demand.
-A license to use this material for promotional or commercial use.

Originally, the structures proposed with the remixes are simple, using the pattern(s) sold. The ideal use of the sold files is with the provided patterns, and with  software such as Audacity (free for download) or multitrack hardware. 

For a personalized structure, you can mix of your song, and/or create additions/modifications. With these multitrack loops, it is  possible to easily create multiple patterns or variations from one, if you wish.

Although there are beats entirely composed from synths or unrecognizable samples/notes, many of them include samples under copyright, an inevitable fact in authentic quality Hip Hop music, knowing that very often it is about reversed sounds, severely pitched, and/or decomposed, making it difficult to identify the origin. These beats are sold under a promotional license and their use is intended for a small circle, not lucrative purposes, under your responsibility. If you obtain permission to use this sample yourself, then the granted promotional license will automatically become commercial with unlimited terms, simply mentioning Da Last Disciple as author / producer of the instrumental.

Each promotional licensee of the beats can tell in info(A) with the identification code of the License, which should be kept as carefully as wav files, the name of the original song/theme of the sample used. A very small number of beats under promotional license use a sample whose origin is lost. In this case, this is mentioned in the description of the single page dedicated to this beat.

With a commercial or promotional license, these underground instrumentals are intended for demanding and ambitious artists (who can not be satisfied with soulless beats, however well done they may be, with forced and imposed structures), with labels, both of which can offer mastering, artistic quality of song, for serious and professional use.