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Welcome to this Hip Hop website, where you can buy exclusive beats presented through unpublished remixes.

The styles offered are varied, Trap / Drill, with a particularly distinctive sound, to Dirty South, passing through the East Coast, trying to recapture its Golden Age by twirling it with a Future School, using the sample pushed back to its limits and/or innovative rythms/tempos, just like the blessed period of the West Coast.

Here singers cannot only find here original bases, but also Horrorcore, chopper beats, to the Funky sound, Dancehall that can only grow and synthetic beats difficult to classify. You can also discover what seems to be a homemade specialty, very slow beats under the threshold of 60 bpm or up to almost 45 bpm named Slowest, with other new approaches to come, and the frequent addition of new remixs / beats.Beats exceeding 100 BPM are rated “Fast”, knowing that some will be able to go above 200 BPM!

Some beats are offered under the label “unformated”, and consist of musical bases exceeding the common standards of modern western music in 4/4, with 16, 3, 5 bar instrumental loop.

The beats are presented with their tempo, number of bars which play the basic loop, the number of patterns (loops), the number of tracks, and key, and other eventual important information.

Enjoy !