If you are Major/Label/Signed Artist

If you are an independent label, an artist signed in such an entity, or an independent artist, this information page does NOT concern you.

If you are a major, a label distributed by a major, or an artist signed in one of these entities, be aware that all elements of the exclusive license are valid, but that the grant of 100% of the monetary rights are a privilege offered to independent artists / labels. In a context of production or distribution offered by a major, the purchase of one or more beats automatically gives the copyright of the beat, and its credit to Da Last Disciple, according to the usual terms of these conditions.

Even when used in a film, if the film is not distributed by a cinematographic major , the information given does not concern you. If it is a film distributed by a major, the 100% profits on the royalties are no longer valid, in favor of Da Last Disciple, according to the usual retribution.

In this cases, simply contact info*dalastdisciple.com after purchase.