My Sound and Tech Specifications

My beats are unique and in a well defined style, mine. This style is inimitable, it is the fruit of decades of research, work, and transformation of methods. I can summarize this style in four main characteristics:
-A revolutionary use of sampling in multiple forms and with the most varied tools.
– Regularly original and unexpected rhythms.
-Charismatic basslines
-Beats of all tempos, from 40 bpm to 200 bpm or more!
-An intensive beat editing, giving an impression of djing.
The result of all this gives instrumental with a hypnotic vocation which it is often difficult to label it of such or such genre.My beats vary from Hip-Hop, East, West, Dirty, Trap, to RnB, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Down Tempo, Up Tempo, … Unlike all the internet beatstores, and its cloned producers, and its ultra-formatted sound, here we find beats with good or bad taste, at least there will always be taste here …. 
The beats are presented on this beatstore as ephemeral remixes, like a audio tag, for my pleasure, and yours !
All the samples used for the beats sold in this beatstore are totally cleared and royalty free. My beats and remixes including copyrighted samples are simply posted on various digital platforms like SoundCloud or Youtube, which you are welcome to visit.
Unlike almost all beat sellers (not really beatmakers but more sellers) I do not allow anyone to sing or rap on my beats on mp3 because they couldn´t afford it. So for a low price, I offer all artists, beginners or experienced, easy access to competitive beats, equipped with a professional mixing. That is to say an Mp3 file if that remains more practical, but also the file in Wav 24bits, and again, a multitrack of approximately 6/7 Wav 24bits tracks simplified but completely adapted to the requirements of a professional result in studio or more practical, such as a live dj mix.
The beats generaly sold to the public on the beatstores, are ultra-compressed, sometimes optimal for current requirements, but not at all suitable, even sold as multitracks, so that someone adds vocal tracks, leaving no space sound. It is for this reason that I propose to you, whether for Leasing, Limited riddim, and Exclusives, the masterized versions, but also the non-masterized versions of the Wav files, whether it is that of the instrumental or the multitrack which accompanies it.
I couldn’t allow anyone to put their voice on one of my tracks without the best conditions. In the context of the SongMix it is a little the same thing, I try to ensure that the result is optimal, by cleaning the tracks, by editing the voice manually or with an auto-tune, by adding a vocoder or synthesis, or even by playing with the pitch, and I may end up offering several versions.
It seems that I do nothing like the others, and for the mixing I still do. At first a simple beatmaker, master of the art of sampling, I was introduced to the most effective mixing techniques, leaving room for creativity and the most optimal requirements.
I use my own techniques, again unique, to achieve powerful drums and bass, and spaced synths and samples for a result that can be seen on my beats, with crisp stereo.