Promotional License Contract

Exclusive Beat License Agreement

This license agreement is effective immediately after purchase by the seller (hereinafter referred to as the “Licensor” a.k.a “”) and the buyer (hereinafter referred to as the “Licensee”). Licensor warrants that it is the Author / Songwriter and can produce the original material in which the Sound Recording / Beat was made. All licenses are non-refundable and non-transferable.
This agreement will be emailed to the licensee’s emailed address used to purchase the information in the transaction.

The purchase of this license is equivalent to the acceptance of the conditions described here, and the signature of this contract by the licensor and the licensee

Promotional License for “Name of the Beat”

Presence of one or more protected samples

-The musical work whose rights of use are sold to the licensor includes “number” copyrighted sample(s) artistically processed, the broadcast and distribution of which is limited by intellectual property laws, the rights of which are held by third parties. Any use in public, whether by copy, streaming, video, concert or other means remains the entire responsibility of the licensee.

-In the case of a commercial authorization of this or these samples obtained by the licensee, from third parties holding these rights, this promotional license becomes automatically commercial (see below)

After this eventual obtaining of the rights of use of the samples of the licensee, this one is held to prevent the licensor by the generic email of, info (), of the transition to a commercial license

-Before this possible modification, the licensor retains a right of commercial use of the work sold to the licensee, with his authorization, if the licensor manages on his own to obtain authorization to use the sample(s) in a commercial project. In this case, the licensee will be notified by email but will remain 100% owner of the royalties of the benefits of this work which would remain credited to Da Last Disciple.

-The licensee must not copy or distribute the work sold under the Promotional License by crediting Da Last Disciple


-The licensee is authorized to transform sold audio tracks at will, to add, to remove, to use only one in another work

Commercial License

-In the case of obtaining the rights of use of all the samples used in this work, by the licensee, this promotional license becomes commercial under the following terms:

 The licensee is authorized to use, distribute this musical work in the manner that it seems to him and can derive 100% of profits on the condition of crediting Da last Disciple as producer o co producer in case of major transformation of the original work.


The licensee is authorized to transform sold audio tracks at will, to add, to remove, to use only one in another work. If this is the track(s) with the protected sample(s), this authorization must be accompanied by that of the third parties holding these rights.