What can You do, or Not

Here is a list of what you can do, or not, with Da Last Disciple’s beats, according to the exclusive, limited riddim and lease beats, all with a unlimited commercial license.

Noting that the commercial license with 100% royalties is only valid for independent artists / labels. The sale of a beat to a major, a label distributed by a major, or to an artist signed by these entities, offers the same rights of exlusivity as described in the contract, and below, but not this privilege of royalties.

What can I do
Enjoy the benefits of the beat, for life  
Make/produce one song from the beat, or its parts
Produce other artist(s) with the beat
Edit the beat (add, replace,…)
Use the beat in the soundtrack of my movie
What I can not do
Refund the beat
Make /produce several songs from the beat, or its parts
Sell the beat to other person
Forgetting to credit Da Last Disciple as a producer of the beat (even edited/modified)
Make a song, its video clip, and use the beat in my movie